Intellectual Property

“NJQ & Associates” is considered to be one of the top Intellectual Property Law firms in the Middle East, with more than 22 offices distributed in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America.

Since 1985, NJQ Associates has established an extensive list of clients ranging from individuals and small businesses, to large multinational companies and organizations.

The Intellectual Property practice at NJQ Associates has been developed over the years to be able to offer clients the highest level of expertise in dealing with issues confronting clients, as changes in technology take their toll in our ever-changing environment.

NJQ & Associates based in Amman, Jordan, the crossroads of the Middle East and one of the busiest hubs, with partners, associates and agents all over the world; NJQ & Associates regards their clients’ goal, the competitive climate, and the application of legal principles as top priority. To further enhance its presence in the Western Hemisphere, we have established a presence in the United States where our branch office in California deals with all IP-related matters in the American Continent at no extra cost to our clients.

Our major services include the filing and renewal of Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets, Plant Varieties, and Domain Names. We also do Litigation work such as Oppositions, Cancellations, Anti-Counterfeiting, Unfair Competition and Infringements; we provide Corporate Law and Legal Translation services, Counseling and Advocating, Portfolio Management, and General Inquiries.

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