About Us

Brief About Us

We, NJQ & Associates, are a well-established Intellectual Property Law Firm providing a full spectrum of IP services; not only protection of trademarks and patents, but also copyrights, industrial designs, domain names and many other related matters in Jordan, the Middle East, Asia, and all over the world.

Our firm was established in 1985 and now has more than 25 years of experience in the IP field. Throughout the years, our firm has witnessed fast and out-of-the limit growth; this boom can be attributed to the distinctive quality of our services.

Accordingly, our list of services has expanded to cover various professional fields, such as taxation, auditing, business valuation, financial consulting, and many more.

Our team members are dedicated to providing high standards of services with the ability to meet clients’ needs to the maximum level that one can ask. The management shares the same commitment: “provide the best services with competitive charges”.

Our headquarters is located in the gate to the Middle East, Jordan. This ideal geographical location helps us to administer our business efficiently and grants us easy access to the neighbouring countries, which enabled us to expand and attract more business from the region.

We, at NJQ and Associates, work closely with you to be just like your successful business partner, as we are committed to our set of values, acutely aware that these values match your top values as a successful company. We believe that our business goal is client satisfaction, and we work the days and nights to achieve the common goals and provide you with professional services which match your expectations.


The name NJQ comes from the initials of the founder and chairman Mr Nader Jamil Qumsieh. Initially, Mr Nader started the firm under the name Qumsieh for IP in 1985, and the official website became known as Qumsieh.com. It was required to find something more related to the firm, and that can adapt the changes and developments in business, which is where NJQ was born with the term “Associates” to indicate that this firm is a global firm based on partnership with professionals alongside with its branch offices.

Throughout the years, NJQ has developed a robust network of credible agents and representatives in more than 180 countries around the world. We work with our representatives in different fields for over a decade, and we can serve all our clients’ needs with an assurance of the stability of their work.